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  • Medical Expenses of Child
    Medical Expenses of Child

    Question: Do I have to pay for an ER room visit for a child that I have custody of? She was taken to the ER by someone who has no rights to her, over my objection. Answer: A parent is liable for the ...

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  • Missing Court Date
    Missing Court Date

    Question: What should I do if I was not able to show up on a court date? I received a summons but it had no court date. I just found out that the court date was about 13 days ago. Of course, the judge ...

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  • Enforcement of Judgment Against Bank Account
    Enforcement of Judgment Against Bank Account

    Question: My wife just had a judgment issued against her. She is receiving unemployment. Can the creditor freeze our joint bank account? Answer: A creditor can attempt to enforce a judgment against ...

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  • Enforcement of Judgment Against Residence
    Enforcement of Judgment Against Residence

    Question: If I am unable to pay a judgment against me, can the plaintiff come after my primary residence if I own it? Answer: In theory, yes. However, the judgment creditor would have to obtain an ...

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  • Enforcement of Judgments
    Enforcement of Judgments

    Question: How long does a judgment against me from a local credit union in 2009 stay active? The judgment is against me and not my business. Can they still attach the funds from my business? If I ...

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