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  • Medical Expenses of Child
    Medical Expenses of Child

    Question: Do I have to pay for an ER room visit for a child that I have custody of? She was taken to the ER by someone who has no rights to her, over my objection. Answer: A parent is liable for the ...

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  • Liability for Deceased Spouse's Medical Bills
    Liability for Deceased Spouse's Medical Bills

    Question: Is a husband liable for his wife’s medical bills after she passes away? Her bills were sent to a collections agency which is dunning me for the bills and collection charges. Answer: Illinois ...

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  • Creditors Rights
    Creditors Rights

    Question: About a year and half ago I signed a quit claim deed to my ex husband for the house as part of our divorce settlement. He lives there. I moved. We are still both on the mortgage. I have ...

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  • Rentgrow, Inc
    Rentgrow, Inc

    Please contact us if Rentgrow, Inc, is trying to collect money from you, or has so attempted within the last year. We can help you both defend claims against you and assert your rights under the Fair ...

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  • Liability for Spouse's Emergency Medical Expenses
    Liability for Spouse's Emergency Medical Expenses

    Question: Husband passed away last year, leaving no assets. I am very angry for the way he left his family with the bills and don’t want to pay for his stubbornness. There are three bills that I am ...

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  • Franklin Credit Management
    Franklin Credit Management

    Please contact us if Franklin Credit Management is threatening or attempting to foreclose on your home or collect money from you, in Illinois. We can help you both defend the claims against you and ...

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