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  • Vacation of Judgments
    Vacation of Judgments

    Question: Can bank leave paperwork at my mother’s house if I do not live there? I am being sued for a banking debt. The paperwork was delivered to my mother’s home. She tried not to accept it since I ...

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  • Collection Scam
    Collection Scam

    Q. I received a voicemail yesterday stating that a motion was being filed to suspend all bank accounts bearing your name and social security number. The message said that to avoid further proceedings ...

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  • Payday loans
    Payday loans

    Q. Can a payday loan collect a debt over 8 years old? A. If the lender is licensed to make loans to Illinois residents and the loan is a "closed end" loan (a true payday loan) the loan can be enforced ...

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  • Does the statute of limitations restart?
    Does the statute of limitations restart?

    Question: If you have talked to a lawyer to repay a debt but nothing was agreed upon, does the statute of limitations restart? I received a letter from a lawyer for a credit card debt more than six ...

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  • MFRA Trust
    MFRA Trust

    Please contact us if MFRA Trust is attempting to foreclose on your home or collect money from you, in Illinois. We can help you both defend the claims against you and assert your rights under the Fair ...

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  • “Warranty Forever”
    “Warranty Forever”

    Please contact us if you have had a claim denied under a “Warranty Forever” auto warranty.

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