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  • Mixed Files on Credit Reports
    Mixed Files on Credit Reports

    Question: What can I do regarding erroneous credit reports? Credit bureaus have been issuing erroneous credit reports on me. They confuse my credit history with my brother’s. Answer: Send a certified ...

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  • Credit Report Disputes
    Credit Report Disputes

    All consumers are entitled to one free credit report disclosure every 12 months upon request from each nationwide credit reporting bureau. You can order your free annual credit report online at: ...

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  • Tenant and employment background check reports
    Tenant and employment background check reports

    Please contact us if you have had a problem with erroneous employee and tenant background check reports. Over 90% of employers and landlords purchase such reports, which provide criminal background ...

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  • Consumer's Guide to Credit Reporting
    Consumer's Guide to Credit Reporting

    If you've ever applied for a charge account, a personal loan, insurance, or a job, someone is probably keeping a file on you. This file might contain information on how you pay your bills, or whether ...

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  • Liability for Medical Debts
    Liability for Medical Debts

    Question: What’s my next step if I got served for a hospital bill that I settled before by giving them the Medicaid card number? I am being sued about a hospital bill that was not paid for. The bill ...

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  • Credit and debit card receipts
    Credit and debit card receipts

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (“FACTA”) amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") forbid businesses to print credit/ debit card receipts which include either (1) more than ...

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