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  • Halsted Financial Services, LLC
    Halsted Financial Services, LLC

    Please contact us if Illinois collection agency Halsted Financial Services, LLC is trying to collect money from you, or has so attempted within the last year. We can help you both defend claims ...

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  • Private student loan litigation
    Private student loan litigation

    We are seeing an increasing volume of collection lawsuits on private student loans. In many cases, there are defenses which can be litigated on behalf of borrowers. Issues which frequently arise in ...

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  • Weltman, Weinberg & Reis
    Weltman, Weinberg & Reis

    Please contact us if Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA has filed a lawsuit against you, whether for money or to foreclose on your home, or is otherwise trying to collect money from you, or has done so ...

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  • Unifund

    Please contact us if Unifund (Unifund CCR Partners and Unifund CCR, LLC ) is attempting to collect money from you in Illinois, or has attempted to do so within the last year. Unifund files numerous ...

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  • Select Portfolio Servicing
    Select Portfolio Servicing

    Please contact us if you are having problems with Select Portfolio Servicing, or if Select Portfolio Servicing is attempting to foreclose on your home or collect money from you. We can help you both ...

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  • Markoff Law
    Markoff Law

    Please contact us if Chicago area collection law firm Markoff Law is suing you or trying to collect money from you. They represent a number of frequent filers of lawsuits against consumers, including ...

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