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  • Liability for Funeral Expenses
    Liability for Funeral Expenses

    Question: Am I legally responsible to pay for the funeral expenses of my late mother? My brother signed all papers for our mother’s funeral in another state. I had not seen her in years. I did not ...

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  • Liability for Lost Debit Card
    Liability for Lost Debit Card

    Question: My new debit card was stolen because UPS delivered it to the wrong address. Someone used it to withdraw money from my account without permission from me. Who is liable and how can I get my ...

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  • High-Interest Loans Affecting Credit
    High-Interest Loans Affecting Credit

    Question: Can a tribal online loan affect your credit score? And if so, can you easily dispute it if you don’t live on tribal land? Answer: In Illinois, tribal loans are illegal and unenforceable if ...

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  • Door to Door Sales
    Door to Door Sales

    Question: I had a door to door salesman come through offering to install insulation and pushing both a special and several hundred dollars in rebates. He presented a contract that I signed with the ...

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