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  • Served with Lawsuit for Someone with Similar Name
    Served with Lawsuit for Someone with Similar Name

    Question: Can I sue if I was served for a debt that was not mine? I was served with a summons and complaint for a debt that was not mine. I have the same first name, middle initial, and last name as ...

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  • Ratification of Transactions
    Ratification of Transactions

    Question: : My husband and I refinanced our house. My husband has used the check in stock market. The check was both in our name. I have not seen the check. Can he do that? Answer: If your name was on ...

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  • Illinois Collection Service, Inc.
    Illinois Collection Service, Inc.

    Please contact us if Illinois Collection Service, Inc. is trying to collect money from you, or has so attempted within the last year. We can help you both defend claims against you and assert your ...

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  • Settlement with Debt Collector
    Settlement with Debt Collector

    Question: Should I settle with a debt collector? The payment plan they proposed sounds doable for me. But I’m worried they will start increasing payment amounts and wonder if I should wait until I can ...

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  • Splitting Claim
    Splitting Claim

    Question: If I sue in small claims court for lost wages due to breach of contract in Small Claims Court for 2 months-July and August 2012, can I then filed another lawsuit for breach of contract for ...

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