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Question: If I paid the amount the pay day loan company told me I owe and then now they say I owe additional $1100, can they put me in jail? I have several pay day loans outstanding. One loan company said I owe $432 and I need to pay it or they will put me in jail. I paid the $432 and now they say I owe $1100 and I need to pay that today or they can put me in jail. Is this true?


  1. Failure to repay a loan is not a crime and cannot result in your being put in jail.

  2. If these are internet lenders, check if they are licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. If the answer is “no,” the loans are not enforceable, and both the making of the loans subjects the lender and anyone attempting to collect them to substantial statutory damages in your favor.

  3. No legitimate lender or collector will tell you that you will be put in jail if you don’t make a payment today.

  4. Your account info has been compromised; notify your bank and change it at once if you do not want your account drained.

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