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  • A Debt Collector Got My New Cell Phone Number.
    A Debt Collector Got My New Cell Phone Number.

    Question: A debt collector got my new cell phone number. I get recorded messages several times a day. Is there anything I can do? Answer: 1. It is a violation of a federal law called the Telephone ...

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  • wrongful foreclosure
    wrongful foreclosure

    Please contact us if you are the victim of a wrongful mortgage foreclosure (or collection action on the note) in northern Illinois. In many case, homeowners are victims of refusal to honor loan ...

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  • Private student loan litigation
    Private student loan litigation

    We are seeing an increasing volume of collection lawsuits on private student loans. In many cases, there are defenses which can be litigated on behalf of borrowers. Issues which frequently arise in ...

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  • National Collegiate Private Student Loans
    National Collegiate Private Student Loans

    Are you being sued or dunned on a private student loan allegedly held by one of the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts? (updated) Until 2015, about 125 lawsuits per month were filed to collect ...

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  • Resurgence Capital
    Resurgence Capital

    Please contact us if Resurgence Capital is attempting to collect money from you in Illinois. We can help you both defend claims against you and assert your rights under the Fair Debt Collection ...

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  • Resurgence Legal Group
    Resurgence Legal Group

    Please contact us if Chicago area collection law firm Resurgence Legal Group is suing you or trying to collect money from you. We regularly defend cases that they bring and can protect your interests. ...

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