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  • Statutes of Limitations
    Statutes of Limitations

    Q. I forgot about a debt from 10 years ago. Now they are threatening to sue me. Can they get a judgment after 10 years? A. The principal statutes of limitation in Illinois are 4 years for the sale or ...

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  • Statute of Limitations on Bad Check in Illinois
    Statute of Limitations on Bad Check in Illinois

    Question: Is there a Statute of Limitations on bad check? Answer: 2 years for statutory penalty (measured from dishonor); 3 years for liability on the check (same); the underlying obligation may be 4, ...

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  • Auto Deficiency
    Auto Deficiency

    Question: I was served with a summons and complaint for a deficiency for a car repossession in ’09. This is the first time I have heard anything from them since the day they picked up the car. Reading ...

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  • Automobile Debt
    Automobile Debt

    Question: Can a car finance company sue me for a car I don’t have? A loan company sued my husband and I for a car. We tried to return it to them in 2009 but it had broken down and they would not take ...

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