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  • A Debt Collector Got My New Cell Phone Number.
    A Debt Collector Got My New Cell Phone Number.

    Question: A debt collector got my new cell phone number. I get recorded messages several times a day. Is there anything I can do? Answer: 1. It is a violation of a federal law called the Telephone ...

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  • Worldwide Asset Purchasing
    Worldwide Asset Purchasing

    Please contact us if Worldwide Asset Purchasing is trying to collect money from you, or has so attempted within the last year., or has revived an old judgment against you. We can help you both defend ...

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  • Cosigner on Student Loan
    Cosigner on Student Loan

    Question: What can be done if my son defaulted on a student loan which I co signed for and is now in the collection process? Answer: The answer depends on who is trying to collect the loan. In some ...

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