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Employment Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Upholding Cook County Fair Business & Employment Practices

Federal and state employment laws are in place to protect employees and enforce fair practices in the workplace and job market. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are required to pay and treat their employees fairly.

The FLSA addresses:

  • Federal minimum wage
  • Overtime
  • Hours worked
  • Record keeping
  • Child labor

Violations of the rules and regulations outlined in the FLSA and other federal or state statutes can significantly impact a prospective or current employee’s finances and future. At Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC, we hold employers accountable for their actions by representing employees who have been wronged. Regardless of when your rights were violated – whether during the interview phase or while employed – our Chicago employment law attorneys can fight on your behalf and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

If you were treated unfairly while entering or participating in the workforce, schedule a consultation with ECLG to discuss your case. Contact us online or call our employment lawyer in Chicago at (312) 626-3585.

Unpaid Overtime & Other Wage Issues

Every employee is entitled to the compensation they have earned. Federal and state laws, as well as employee contracts, outline employees’ rights regarding payment, wages, and working hours. Failing to properly compensate an employee for the work he or she performed is a crime and may be a violation of the FLSA.

If you believe that your employer has failed to compensate you appropriately, we encourage you to discuss your case during a free consultation with our employment lawyers in Chicago. Our team has over 200 years of combined experience protecting employees from unfair wage issues.

Illinois Employment Background Check Errors

Many employers use background checks to ensure that the people they hire are safe and suitable for the job. Unfortunately, this system is not perfect – background and credit checks can come back with errors and incorrect information. Flawed screenings cost people jobs and can have devastating impacts on a person’s financial and emotional well-being.

There are very specific rules and regulations surrounding criminal background checks and credit checks both at the federal and state levels. If a current or potential employer has violated any of these laws, you have the right to take legal action. Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC can help right the wrongs against you.

Unfair Business Practices

Hidden fees, false advertising, predatory lending – these are just a few of the many unjust business practices a company can engage in. Businesses are regulated by strict rules to protect consumers and uphold ethics. If you have suffered a loss due to potentially deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise unfair business practices, our team can help. Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC is willing to fight hard – and even appeal if necessary – to make sure your consumer rights are protected.

Why Hire Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC?

Our primary focus at Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC is to protect the rights of consumers. Over $500 million has been recovered for consumers since 1991. With more than 200 years of combined experience representing consumers like you, we are one of the largest firms in Illinois with this kind of practice. In addition to representing clients in federal courts in Illinois and New York, we also frequently represent clients in federal courts in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Let us help you seek justice. Call ECLG at (312) 626-3585 today.

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