Problems with forbearances or payment arrangements upon transfer of mortgage loan to new servicer

We have encountered a number of complaints that mortgage loan borrowers received forbearances, deferrals or other arrangements, usually as a result of COVID-19, and that during or at the end of the forbearance or deferral the mortgage was transferred to a new servicer who claimed to be ignorant of the arrangement and asserted that the loan was in default. This is not legal. If it has happened to you, please contact us. We suspect that the transfers may be made to facilitate denial of the arrangements that have been made.

It is very helpful in such cases if you document and confirm all your dealings with the old and new servicers in writing. If you receive any statement or document that is inconsistent with what you believe to be the deal, send a letter marked 'qualified written request' to the address provided on the monthly statement for such requests, complaining of the inconsistency. This should be done every time you receive such a document, even if your complaint is repetitious.