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Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC
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We offer free consultation to persons with debt collection, foreclosure, repossession and credit reporting problems.

IF YOU WANT ECLG TO DEFEND YOU IN A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU provide the following: (1) the full name of the lawsuit (Plaintiff v. Defendant), (2) the court number (e.g., 2023-SC-000407), (3) the county where the lawsuit was filed (we don’t take defense cases outside Illinois), (4) the date of the next court appearance, if any, (5) when you were served, or the Plaintiff claims you were served (if you know), (6) whether and when a judgment has been entered (judgments can be readily vacated on a motion filed [not heard] within 30 [not 31] calendar days of entry). If you have court papers, we will need copies. If you have received collection letters or correspondence about the debt, please provide them. IMPORTANT: We may not be able to represent you if there is a court appearance less than two business days in the future. In that case, you should appear (often you can appear by Zoom or telephone) and ask for time to get a lawyer; do not admit anything or get a trial date. ALSO NOTE: We do not represent you in a defense case until we have a signed agreement and you have paid us.

With respect to other collection, repossession and foreclosure problems, please send whatever letters, notices, demands, emails, or other documents relate to your problem. Include the reverse sides of letters and envelopes if you can. Also keep a list of telephone contacts with detailed information (who called, from what number, date and time, to what number, was receiving number landline or cell, who received call, what was said, whether a prerecorded message was used).

With respect to credit reporting issues, please send your 3 credit reports, a list of the items which are erroneous or obsolete, any correspondence to or from the credit bureaus or the furnishers of the information in question, and any documentation of damages (credit denials, increased rates, etc.).

We will review without charge and advise you of whether we can take the case and on what basis. We charge modest sums for defending collection and foreclosure cases and take most affirmative cases on a contingency / for statutory attorney's fees.

We handle collection and foreclosure defense cases in Illinois and affirmative cases throughout the United States if economically feasible.

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