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  • Cosigners

    Question: I did a voluntary repossession. The auto loan company said I had to pay the storage fee, repossession fee and a deficiency remaining after the car was sold. They claimed that if I did not ...

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  • Credit Card Collections
    Credit Card Collections

    Question: What can I do on credit card collections? We have a credit card debt from 5 years ago that we paid on until they stopped taking payments. We got a pre- legal notification letter saying they ...

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  • Collection Calls at Work
    Collection Calls at Work

    Question: How can I get a collector to stop calling me at work? Answer: You have the right to direct a debt collector not to call you at work. You also have the right to direct a debt collector not to ...

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  • Challenging Judgments
    Challenging Judgments

    Question: If a law firm has a judgment against you, but you never received the summons to go to court, Can you do anything? Answer: A judgment entered without service is void and subject to attack at ...

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