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  • Do You Have to Sign for a Summons?
    Do You Have to Sign for a Summons?

    Question: Can you be arrested for not showing up to court on a civil suit if you got a writ of summons but you did not sign for it? Answer: A signature is normally not required for valid service, ...

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  • Disposition of Car You Signed For
    Disposition of Car You Signed For

    Question: If I cosigned for an auto loan and the person I signed for passed away, am I responsible for the loan if I turn the car in? Answer: Yes. They will sell the car at a low price at an auto ...

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  • Disposition of Collateral
    Disposition of Collateral

    Question: I borrowed $13,150 from a now-former friend using a Rolex watch that I paid $5500 for as collateral. I was making monthly payments towards a $14,000 total payback over 18 months. After I ...

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  • Motion to Vacate Judgment
    Motion to Vacate Judgment

    Question: What should I do if I was served with an order to show cause why I should not be punished for contempt of the court? This is my first time hearing about this case. Answer: It appears that ...

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