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Door to Door Sales

Question: I had a door to door salesman come through offering to install insulation and pushing both a special and several hundred dollars in federal income tax rebates. He presented a contract that I signed with the understanding I could cancel service right up until installation. He did not leave a copy of the contract and stated that he needed to take it back because they were offering a special.

I called later that evening to cancel as I did not believe I qualified for the Federal income tax rebate. I was assured I did qualify and would be provided with all the forms. I called back the next day and tried to cancel yet again because I did not believe the contractor was properly registered with Xcel for me to get the Xcel rebate. Again I was assured I’d get the Xcel rebate and told the contractor would refund any amount of discounts I did not receive through tax credits and Xcel rebates.

Answer: Under IL law a contract resulting from a door to door sales contact and not involving a visit to the regular business premises of the seller may be cancelled within 3 days after you receive a written contract and notice of your right to cancel. Cancel in writing. No reason need be given. Failure to honor the cancellation is a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act, as is any failure to make the disclosures on a timely basis and any attempt to deprive you of cancellation rights.