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Please contact us if you have had a problem with erroneous employee and tenant background check reports. Over 90% of employers and landlords purchase such reports, which provide criminal background information and, in the case of tenant reports, information on prior eviction cases and similar litigation. These reports often contain errors, particular reports of criminal convictions incorrectly identified with the subject.

These background checks are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, just like regular credit reports. However, the level of accuracy is generally well below that of conventional credit reports. The criteria used to match subjects with criminal background information is often very loose and results in reports which are obviously wrong. We have seen reports associating subjects with crimes committed by people of a different race/ description and by people who are presently incarcerated and obviously not the person applying for a job/ apartment.

Consumers have the same right to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in the report as in the case of credit reports. The background check company must conduct a reasonable reinvestigation of the information within thirty days, including forwarding the dispute to the entity reporting the information. The background check company must delete or correct the information if it cannot verify its accuracy.

We can assist consumers who have been the subject of such erroneous reporting.

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