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Hotel Junk Fees

A number of hotels add “resort fees,” “destination fees,” “amenity fees,” or “junk fees” that at the moment of purchase. The fees are mandatory and provide little or no added value to the guest.

In April 2023, Pennsylvania's attorney general fined Marriott International $225,000 for not complying with a 2021 ruling that said the company had to make consumers aware of the full cost of their stay at the time of booking. In mid-May, Marriott became the first major hotel chain to disclose all fees early in the purchasing process.

In August 2023, the Texas attorney general sued Booking Holdings, which owns travel-booking platforms, Priceline, Agoda, Kayak, and for omitting mandatory fees from the advertised rates.

While Marriott has agreed to disclose fees up front that only pertains to its own sales through websites and call centers. Outside travel-booking platforms continue to show fees at the very end of the booking process. 

Please contact us if you have been subjected to such fees.

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