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Illinois courts are again beginning to hear cases. In many cases, this is being done remotely. Remote access must often be set up as long as 4 business days in advance. Read the summons and any accompanying instructions carefully upon receipt.  Do not wait until the last minute.

Also, where filing an appearance in response to a summons is required, those dates have NOT been postponed. If you have been served with a summons, you need to respond in accordance with the instructions in it. Generally your response can be filed electronically. If you contend service is improper but a "return" has been filed claiming proper service, you should file a motion to quash, not ignore it.

We regularly defend persons sued in collection actions in northern Illinois courts for modest fees. We offer free consultations to see if we can be of help. Most of our attorneys are working remotely, but you can email documents using this website or call for assistance.

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