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Question: Someone has stolen my identity and are using gift cards related to my address. What should I do? Western Union wants to collect on some fraudulent gift cards. These contains my home address and telephone number, but someone else is collecting the money.


1. File a police report

2. Fill out the identity theft affidavit at

3. Send both to Western Union with a cover letter, by means providing proof of receipt. If Western Union persists in attempting to collect from you, you need a lawyer.

4. Obtain your 3 credit reports and check for any information that does not pertain to you. Any such information should be challenged in writing with each credit bureau, with a copy to the furnisher of the information. Enclose the police report and ID theft affidavit. Use means that provides proof of what was sent and receipt. We do not suggest that you use the on-line dispute mechanisms provided by the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days from receipt to investigate the information and delete it if not accurate/ not yours. If they refuse to remove information that relates to the identity thief’s transactions, legal action may be necessary.

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