Can I Still Be Sued for a 9 Year Old Debt?

Question: Can I still be sued for a 9 year old debt? I have a creditor saying I need to contact an attorney due to lawsuit filed. The debt is 9 years old.


  1. The most commonly applicable statutes of limitation in Illinois are 10 years for a contract wholly in writing, such as a promissory note to a bank, 5 years for a contract not wholly in writing, such as a credit card, and 4 years for a retail installment contract or other contract for the sale or lease of goods (such as a car, furniture).
  2. If you are being sued you need to appear and defend. Anyone can sue you, even if you have a complete defense. Do not default.
  3. Filing a time barred lawsuit is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if a consumer debt and a “debt collector” (collection agency, collection lawyer, debt buyer) is involved. Also, a debt collector may have to disclose that a debt they are trying to collect is time barred.

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