Liability for Medical Debts

Question: What’s my next step if I got served for a hospital bill that I settled before by giving them the Medicaid card number?

I am being sued about a hospital bill that was not paid for. The bill is for my daughter, who at the time did not have insurance because I applied for Medicaid and it was still in the process of being approved. I got a bill once and called the number to give them the Medicaid card number since they go retro three months. That was the last I’ve heard about this bill until now. Now that I got served with court papers, I need to know what I should do next. If it’s the bill that needs to be paid for, then I can do that. It’s just that I haven’t heard or received anything before that.

Answer: If your daughter had Medicaid and the hospital was informed of that fact, you should not be liable for any amounts which Medicaid would have paid.