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  • Inability to Afford Car Payments
    Inability to Afford Car Payments

    Question: I am no longer able to afford my car payments. I would like to take the car to Carmax and sell it. I think I will get more than if it is repossessed and sold at auction. Can I do this? ...

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  • Incorrect Price in Advertisement
    Incorrect Price in Advertisement

    Question: Can a store change the price of an item after it is being sold and ask for additional payment? I recently made a purchase of a bedroom set. Salesman offered price, I accepted price, signed ...

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  • Interest on an Illinois Judgment
    Interest on an Illinois Judgment

    Question: What is the rate of interest on an Illinois state court judgment? It only says “with interest until paid.” Answer: Illinois judgments bear 9% simple interest from entry until payment. That ...

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  • Internet Payday Loans
    Internet Payday Loans

    Question: What should I do if I got served with court papers for breach of contract and fraud for multiple Internet payday loans? I had several online payday loans prior to July 2013. One became 2 and ...

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  • Cease and Desist Letter
    Cease and Desist Letter

    Question: What does a cease and desist do? Answer: You have the right to instruct a debt collector (collection agency, debt buyer) to cease and desist from any contact. They are obligated to obey, and ...

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  • Judgment on Debt Incurred by Identity Thief
    Judgment on Debt Incurred by Identity Thief

    Question: How can I remove a judgment when it is the result of identity theft? We have just found out that a company that we know nothing about was awarded a judgment against my wife. We know this is ...

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